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Wrap your arms (all 8 of them) around someone you love

I attended a community recognition event last week at the Seattle Aquarium. It’s an institution with an increasingly important role on our Waterfront, both on the economic and educational fronts.

One of the most interesting things I learned at the event is that on Valentine’s Day, the resident male and female Giant Pacific Octopus are allowed to share a tank and mate. Adding to whatever passes for performance anxiety in the mollusk world is the daunting task of hooking up in front of an live audience. At least the biologists in charge help set the scene with roses and some romantic music.

On any other day of the year, the two octopuses are housed in separated tanks but can see each other and smell each other through a connecting portal. Our Puget Sound octopus are incredible creatures, and if our happy couple is successful, they could produce thousands of offspring.

At the Aquarium's Windows on Washington exhibit with my main squeeze, Capt. Bagshaw

The Octopus Blind Date will happen on February 14 and is a precursor to the Aquarium’s Octopus Week, running February 19th – 27th.

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