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Last day to provide input on Seawall Project

Tuesday, February 8th, is the last day for the public to provide feedback and help define the Elliott Bay Seawall Project. SDOT has a great website available for review and encourages your input: 

The Elliott Bay Seawall, which runs from Washington Street to Broad Street along the waterfront, was built between 1916 and 1934. It has deteriorated significantly in the ensuing years and could fail in the event of a moderate to large earthquake, or even a large storm. While the city of Seattle has committed over $3 million to temporary repairs of the seawall since the Nisqually Earthquake, the seawall is a public safety hazard that must be replaced. The need to replace the seawall presents the City of Seattle with an opportunity to enhance the critical marine habitat along the shoreline. Replacement of the seawall, along with a parallel effort to reshape the upland side of the Central Waterfront, will make the waterfront more accessible to Seattle residents and visitors.

SDOT hosted an open house on January 19th at the Seattle Aquarium. If you weren’t able to attend in person, you can check out their virtual open house.

Explore the options by looking at the posted materials and then share your thoughts.

By taking the time to participate, you can help design a seawall that supports and protects Seattle’s waterfront, including critical utilities, transportation corridors, recreation and tourist destinations, and thousands of businesses and homes.

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