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Community Center operation forum next week

City Council has asked Seattle Parks and Recreation to re-think how community centers are operated. This process will include public meetings to discuss with the community ideas for how centers can be run more effectively and more efficiently. We heard hundreds of requests during the budget process to keep all 26 centers open without making cuts to programs or hours. Now’s the time to help us figure out how best to accomplish that, and we’re counting on ideas from the people who use these centers the most.

Tuesday, February 2nd

Miller Community Center

330 19the Avenue East

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

The bottom line is very simple and stark: the cost to run the centers far exceeds revenue brought in from center programs. This meeting is one of a series of first steps in a comprehensive attempt at exploring alternatives that would offer continued services for the public, while reducing costs.  New methods of management, staffing, fundraising and partnerships will be explored. If you’ve got ideas, even if you think no one would care to listen to them, then this is your meeting.

If you can’t make it to Miller Community Center on the 2nd of February, then please send your suggestions to me and I’ll make sure we add them to what I hope will be a long list of best practices, innovative suggestions, and imaginative solutions.

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