Councilmember Bagshaw left office on December 31, 2019. This website is for archival purposes only and is no longer updated.

Saturday Night’s Alright

It’s hard to pass up an invitation to spend a late Saturday night out in Belltown, especially in the company of Seattle’s Finest. A couple of weeks ago, I joined Councilmembers Sally Clark and Tim Burgess at 11:30pm on the corner of 2nd & Bell to see what our police officers see on a warm summer evening. Call it a “walk-along.”

To everyone’s great surprise, the crowd was well-mannered. There was speculation that the reason it was lighter than usual was because of the Capitol Hill Block Party going on at the same time. I’m not sure these crowds spin in the same circles, but I’ll take the event into consideration.

Interesting observations:

 1. Our police officers are extraordinarily patient people.  They were very visible on the key corners, watchful, and cared genuinely about the public’s safety.

 2. Many people in the crowd actually thanked the officers for being there.  A few did not, but don’t we love drunk people?

 3. Amber and Copper Cart seem to be two of the current reigning establishments.

 4. Hot dog carts are VERY popular after last call. On a big night the hot dog guy moves 500 hotdogs, but this particular evening was merely a 350-dog night.

 5. Girls are wearing skirts so short that they are standing up VERY straight in heels so high that by the end of the night many are walking barefoot. 

 6. The only evidence we saw of physical violence was the aftermath of a well-dressed young woman slugging a VERY big guy in his left eye.  He was covering his face as he walked up the street, and he was obviously in some pain when our police friends spoke to him.  She had a pretty good left and left a pretty good mark. He didn’t know who she was but told us she had said “Don’t fight my boyfriend.”

 7. Don’t be 60 years old and dressed in running shoes and a long sleeve shirt if you want to blend in on a warm Saturday night.

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