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Fun Forest Proposals Available for Public Review

As promised, Seattle Center has posted the South Fun Forest proposals on their website today, and for ease of navigation, I’ve had them posted to my council page as well. Under the “Current Issues” column, click on the link to select the proposals you’d like to download.

After receiving an influx of criticism in March, a Request For Proposal process for the site was initiated by Seattle Center on April 23rd. The deadline for proposals was Friday, June 4th.

Members  of the Century 21 Committee, which oversaw creation of the Master Plan (adopted by the Seattle City Council in August 2008, and available here) will evaluate the proposals and provide their recommendation to Seattle Center Director Robert Nellams.  Led by Seattle Center Advisory Commission chair Bill Block, the group also features Maria Barrientos, Trish Dziko, Tom Gerlach, Jerry Quinn Lee, Donnie Moodie, Jeff Schoenfeld and Bryce Seidl.

The reviewers will hold a meeting for public comment prior to making their recommendation to Director Nellams. The director will then make his recommendation to the Mayor, who will determine how to proceed.  The Seattle City Council will become involved if the Mayor chooses to send a proposal to the Council for adoption.

I’ll endeavor to make sure that the public meeting falls on a weeknight to allow as much public participation as possible. In the meantime, please examine the proposals and send your public comment to the Mayor’s Office, my office, and to Seattle Center.

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