Councilmember Bagshaw left office on December 31, 2019. This website is for archival purposes only and is no longer updated.

Sally Blogshaw is live!

It was Shakespeare who asked whether one could desire too much of a good thing. I’ve been using Twitter and Facebook fairly often over the last year, and both have become pretty useful tools for me as I’ve wrapped up these first four months in office. My council website is updated frequently, too, and I think my office does a great job in making information available on topics that are both relevant to my council and committee work and things that fall far outside the realm of what I’d term the “expected.”

The Stranger called me out on Monday afternoon for being the lone Councilmember without a blog; Dominic’s post elicited exactly zero comments from the Slog faithful, ranking my lack-of-blog story at the very bottom of all Monday posts including lottery ticket sales in Everett and new leaves appearing on trees. Given the tremendous outcry for yet another medium with which to monitor our progress, I am proud to announce the arrival of this, my one and only blog.

Shakespeare also mentioned that brevity was the soul of wit, and it’s clear that my challenge with a blog will be keeping things short. My general philosophy is simple: we’ll be as succinct as possible with our content but will endeavor to point you in the right direction if ordinance language or environmental impact studies are more your cup of tea.

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